Monday, July 20, 2015


I suppose every family has one child like this... But once you have had 6 children you think you kind of know what personality types will be in your family. Oh how the Lord must have smiled when He sent us Reagan.

You may wonder why does that child have girly snow boots on in the middle of summer? Well because he is Reagan... Sometimes it's just not worth the battle when its little issues that really won't matter 10 years from now. Reagan loves shoes, boots, sandals etc. So if he finds a pair that looks like they might fit, he wants to wear them!
Before Reagan joined our family I never had a climber, yes that is right, I never had a child that would climb on chairs and onto the table.

As you can see he climbs on the table, yanks out the napkins, and seems quite pleased with himself!
At his age our two prior children were very compliant. In fact Cole was at least 4 before I saw any sort of this challenging attitude come out. By the way Reagan is 17 months... A stern look would have hurt Cole to the core, Reagan doesn't notice. If he does notice he SQUEALS in protest. 
 Reagan knows what he wants and he wants it now! He loves the outdoors, when he hears someone saying anything about going outside, he is hustling for that door as fast as his little legs can carry him! While outdoors he likes anything that moves, a bike, a swing, a ball & especially the dirt bikes! Oh and Dales lawn equipment is fascinating! He has so little fear that it is frightening to me. :( The air compressor still scares Sierra terribly. Not Reagan! He stands right beside Dale to watch him use it. The side grinder that is used to sharpen mower blades makes a fierce noise, again it doesn't faze him. Does his lack of fear concern me? Yes, he is the child that I have to watch lest he run out towards a moving vehicle. He is the one that would wander off, [just because he wants to see whats out there]. 

Does this mean we love him less then the other 6? No, no, no! We wouldn't have out little Reagan any other way!

Eating Micah's cereal...

My oldest and my youngest. :) The older children are so good with him... Later that evening Micah gave him rides on the dirt bike & Mr. Independent did not need anyone holding onto him! He had a firm grip on the center bar and he was sure he was quite safe!

My prayer for this dear child is that we would have the wisdom we need to channel this determination in the right way. I see him as a man that will know what is right and stick to it! A man like  God described Job as... A perfect and upright man that feareth God & escheweth evil. 
 I am sure that great leaders start out as determined little Reagan's. :) 

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