Thursday, December 25, 2014

Years end

We had such a beautiful autumn this year! Wouldn't you love to see this view out your front door???

Sometimes this is what I see out my front door. :(
Dale & Micah went elk hunting but unfortunately didn't even see an elk. This is one Dale & I saw when we went on a site seeing drive.
 Poor Avi... She needs to grow up fast to defend herself from cousin Sierra. Brit & Inez were at my house helping me with a school sale project. They also brought their own projects, Sierra snatched Inez's lace & covered Avi all up with it.
Her she is helping lotion Avi's legs after her bath. :)

Its so nice to have older siblings that feed you candy canes.

A walker is for standing on NOT standing in!
 Sierra turns 3.

Ashlyn turns 8! She was delighted to get her own ripstik!
Shane turns 10.
Micah bought himself a pit bike 
It was too cold to be riding so out comes the ski mask.
My beautiful daughter helping decorate a cake for her cousin Brit.
I am loving having my older children wash the Sunday dishes. :)

Christmas 2014

 No they aren't beating up their dad. They thought they could only open one gift this was the hugs they gave Dale after we told them they could open all their gifts.

 We left on the 20th for our eastern trip. This was at Uncle Glen's. Sierra slept like a rock, the others were talking loud & she just slept on.
To be continued. :)

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Mid Summer 2014

Summer is here & we are loving it. :) Dale & Micah stay busy with lawn care everyday. I am still sewing for the country store as much as I can. Briana is my #1 babysitter for Reagan. Plus she has turned into a lover of all things tidy! She keeps the house all picked up & the other children can get a bit irritated when she puts things away that they aren't finished playing with yet. I am not complaining. It is super nice to have help with the work around the house.
 In July Sierra, Reagan & I flew to PA along with my sister Inez to spend a few days of quality time with my parents. It was a wonderful time, but I was oh so ready to come home with my family again!!!
 Sadly my little camera was on the fritz while I was gone so the only pics I took were with my phone.

My evening with these two lovely ladies was so much fun!

  Speaking of camera...
 A new camera has a way of bringing out the desire to take & share pictures. :) I am absolutely loving my new camera & Briana is the delighted owner of the old one. Believe me she documents every part of her day with pictures. :) Why that little thing doesn't proclaim lens error for her like it did for me I surely don't understand. But no regrets here on getting a new camera!

Why why why do I have trouble every year with petunias withering up & dying???
Some look nice.

And some look like this. :( I water faithfully, feed them bloom booster & still some do this!

My boys & Ashlyn love throwing ball. I didn't get any pics of Ashlyn tonight but here are Micah & Shane.

Sierra has officially entered the "she can keep any size shoes on her feet stage."

Give him a broom handle & he is a happy boy... Its a gun, no its a sword, its a????

Poor baby must have needed his nose wiped. This was right after she "shared" her gum with him! Micah fished it out of Reagan's mouth before he started gagging.

Just for fun...

A morning that starts off with remembering your baby was only up once during the night & then a dear friend delivers this to your door just because... Well that's bound to be a great day!

And because I know everyone wants to see who is in charge of security around here...