Thursday, November 1, 2012

The little things...

So I am the first to admit that I am creatively challenged... No one complains about it [at my house]. But all the neat things I see on pinterest leave me wishing I could do a bit more!
 Enter Ashlyn's 6th birthday. I searched pink cakes on pinterest & came up with one I thought was really pretty. The blogger said it was really easy, I am thinking maybe I can do this one.:)
 With prayer & a vote of confidence from a friend I started on it.
Can't wait to see what the girls say about it!

 This is what Cole thought of it all.:) Maybe he licked just a bit too much icing!!!

Sunday, October 21, 2012


I see I am really neglecting my blog. :( See that's what happens when I try to keep up with xanga, facebook & my blog.
Lets see what has happened here the past months? Well lets see... Oh yes there was THE wedding. I am sure most of you know that Brit its happily married by now. Her wedding brought so many fun people out to CO. Dad & Mom, [I am still in shock that they actually came out here, a good kind of shock though] Nate, Waneta, Emily, Garrett & Logan... And even my friend Christy Smucker.:) [She is a great photographer & Brit had to have her for the wedding photography.]
 A few pics to prove that these lovely easterners were really here.

Look its my dad, on my couch, in my house, holding my daughter.:)

Love this boy! He was so much fun & he has no time for aunties camera!!

Fun times for Briana!

These two were sooo cute

There was a timelapse of several hours between when pics were taken & when the wedding started. Of course by now Ashlyn's hair was all in a mess again. So the bride re-combed her hair.:) BTW I still haven't quite figured out what the poor child thought Brit was going to become once the "I do" was said. She was crying like Brit was moving to the north pole!

Cole was very done with weddings by now... Playing with the little gummy bears was a temporary diversion.

I am so bad about remembering to take pictures! This is the only pic I have of my mom while she was here.

Mr.Logan again.:) It will be such fun to see him & Sierra play together at Christmas.

After the wedding we went to Wyoming to see more friends & to make new friends.:) Micah was not at all sure about going up there. He didn't know anyone & he was sure it was going to be a dull weekend. NOT!!! He hit it off great with John Stoll. While Briana & Shane were delighted to get to play with Ed & Kim's children again! They were not ready to come home when the weekend was up.

Church camping was a lot of fun too. 3 days of fun & play for all.

Cole rode strider bikes every chance he had

Ashlyn played with the boys...

Soon after that School Started

They were nervous about going back to school after homeschooling for 2 years. But they were all smiles when I picked them up in the afternoon! Micah & Briana are in the same class & think Miss Rachel is the BEST teacher. Shane is quick to tell them that oh no, Miss Deanna is the best. Of course Ashlyn loves her Miss Kelly too.:)

Then it was time for Sierra's first birthday. That year went so fast! From this
to this in one year.:)

She started walking right about the time she turned one.:)

Cole has had a hard time getting used to being at home alone with mom on the days Ashlyn goes to school.:(
Tuesdays & Thursdays are very long days for him. Often we go shopping on those days, but that's no fun either... Mom when are you going to be done???? Mom, I am hungry. Mom, I want to go pick up the children...

Next up is camping in Silverton. Gorgeous part of Gods creation...

This is on the way over there. The little cabin[with its laundry hanging out] way up on the mountain always intrigues me.:) Mom I really wish you could have seen this. Its part of the million dollar highway scenery.:)


Bacon made on a fire. Yum!

Marv gave the children rides on his spyder.:)

The men went hiking. [Dale took these pics. Note i said the MEN went hiking]

Looking down over Silverton

Bad hair day!

 I wish I had more pics of the drive back to this ghost town. It was very bumpy & interesting! One lane road... wrapping around mountain sides, hoping nothing is coming from the other direction. This of course was a mining town & when the mining quit there was no reason to live way back in here. If these old buildings could talk...

 They would have been way back in & got lots & lots of snow in the winter. But the beauty of it all is awesome!
One last parting pic...

Every little girl has a first time for pig tails.:) 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Birthdays, Rainbows & Showers...

Drum roll please... Micah has turned 12! Shocking isn't it? I mean really how can such a young looking couple like Dale & I have a 12 year old child? :)

It has been a very dry summer here in the valley. Last week we got a wonderful afternoon rain that ended with a gorgeous double rainbow!

Dale is talking with his mom & Sierra is putting in her 2 cents worth.:)

Look at the mess that can be made :)

Such a cute little mismatched girl. Briana has this thing with stripes... Any kind go together in her mind.:)

Now on to the shower. I am sadly lacking in good pictures of this event. I am sure Inez will have a good supply of them once she posts them. Till then... This was the shower for Brit.

The food table
The ladies did a really good job at decorating! Anita & I were delighted to just "slave" away in the kitchen.:)

Mocha punch made by sweet Twyla

Why do florescent lights always have to act like this. You know the quivery flickering light that drives you nuts? Judy tried to fix it but it needs more then a new bulb.

The gifts

Sniff, sniff that my gorgeous niece. Still can't believe she is old enough to be getting married! Why it seems like just yesterday she was raiding my purse for "lip chaps". Now my children are raiding hers.:)

Some of the guests

Now its the week before the wedding week... I am so excited to think that in one week my family will be coming! The children talk about it daily.:) They have so many plans for Garrett & Emily. Oh & Cole thinks he should go along with Daddy to pick them up at the airport because Logan is his age.:) :) Who do you think he heard talking??

Monday, June 4, 2012

Random Ramblings

Since I didn't put pics of Briana's 10th birthday on face book I will share them on here. :)
I find it hard to believe that I [young me] has an almost 12 year old & my daughter is 10!

She hasn't had a birthday party with a bunch of girlfriends for a long time. So we decided to have one for her 10th birthday. She loves to drink hot tea, & loves all things pretty & frilly, a tea party sounded like just the thing for her birthday.:)

She got so many pretty things!

Her cake was a pinterest idea. My m&ms wouldn't stick as nicely as they were supposed too.:(

While the girls were outside playing Sierra was looking to see if there might be something in that bag for her.:)

We took a weekend trip to Colorado Springs... First stop was Focus on the Family & Whits End
 The children totally loved this place!

 Next was the Cheyenne Mt. Zoo

My favorite place was here. Garden of the Gods. The rocks are so amazing!!
The Balanced Rock

It was a fun weekend but its really good to be home again! I was weeding the garden tonight & was almost enjoying myself... I can't remember ever enjoying working in my garden since we are married. But what was to complain about, the weather was gorgeous, I could go barefoot in the dirt with no worries about fire ants!
 Other then being food for hungry mosquitoes it was a near perfect gardening evening. :) Lets hope I still feel enthused about it 2 months from now!