Monday, July 20, 2015


Sierra looks like she is climbing a cliff... Its just the sand pile. ;)

I love this picture of Sierra and Jaxon Yoder. She was so happy to have a friend here to play with. The little piece of grass is her mouth just cracks me up!

It was really chilly that night but these children kept right on with their ball playing!

Briana & Sierra lost in their world of whatever Sierra decided they were playing at the moment.
Mr. Reagan again... Checking out Marv's fire pit

And this is the grave of Mr. Mouse who died from licking peanut butter out of my traps...
 I think it was Ashlyn that decided they should give him a proper burial, I was told they even sang a song over his little grave. [The grave was a bit to shallow because the next night "Homer"[[our dog]] exhumed the grave]

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