Monday, November 7, 2011

Miss Ashlyn is 5!!!

Her big day finally arrived. :) [Now Cole, whose birthday isn't till Feb, keeps saying "My birthday is this Saturday..."] Why is it so important to turn one year older when you are under 20 & now I really don't care how long it takes my next birthday to roll around!

Nope that's not a fish on the cake ;) She wanted a football on it.:)

She was DELIGHTED to have her best buddies here...

Kyle & Aaron Mast... They are actually Micah's friends, but she thinks they are the best friends around.:)

Notice the basketball & footballs??? That's our little girl for ya!

We waited to give Ashlyn her presents from us till the next morning...

She has been without a bike since I drove over hers earlier this summer.:(

She is quite happy with her bike, even if it isn't the "dirt bike style" one she had picked out.

She did a great job sweeping the floor for me this morning!

Drum Roll Please....

This big boy is potty trained!!!!!!!! [Can you tell his mom is very happy?]

One evening last week Inez & I went shopping in Grand Junction. We've lived here 3 months & I still hadn't gone there to shop! It was great fun, I think we should make it a scheduled activity.;)
One of our stops was Hobby Lobby, I found this cute little gingerbread man/woman kit for the children.

They got a bit carried away with the decorating & didn't have enough deco left for the last 6 men. Now we have little foam gingerbread men all over the house.:)

When I uploaded pics I was shocked that I had no new ones of Sierra! I'll have to take care of that tomorrow. She is growing fast, and is starting to enjoy her bouncy seat & swing a little more.

Oh yes, SNOW...

Saturday afternoon some flakes started falling & the excitement was so high among the children, that I wished for 6 inches of the stuff just for them to enjoy.:)
 You can hardly see him[in front of Briana] but Cole is right there with the rest of them gazing out at the wonder of falling snow.:)