Monday, July 6, 2015

Our life in Pics

The long awaited visit from my sister and her family finally came!

Thats my nephew back there pretending to be falling off the cliff...

It was such a fun week. Our children have been looking forward to this for well over a year. :)
Swimming in our pool, a sleepover at Brit's for the big girls, McDonalds, playing at the playground, movies at Inez's, and of course lots of yummy food. :) 

Friday we went to Lands End

 Mom [Erma Troyer] that is Sean sitting on that rock... One slip and he would have plunged 100's of feet. He and Skyler definitely did not inherit our fear of heights!
 There are lots chipmunks up there just waiting for sunflower seeds. As you can see this guy has his cheeks well filled.

 Some day these two little guys will have lots of fun together. The lil guy up there ^^ thinks he belongs with the big boys way more then these lil guys. :)
 Quality time with her beloved Inez...

These two are still best of friends :)

Brit had more help then she needed to give Avi her bath. :)

Other fun summer things we are enjoying...

A pool!!!

Notice "ranch Security" laying there making sure everyone stays safe. :)

A gorgeous double rainbow. Last night a sudden down pour ended with this...

We are enjoying our summer. Dale is blessed with plenty of work, Micah is loving being back at work with Dale. Shane even goes along a few days a week. Briana is a tremendous help to me here at home. She also helps Inez at the store occasionally, and helps Brit with a cleaning job once a month. 

Reagan and Avi. Reagan feels threatened whenever this sweet baby comes around. He doesn't have enough hands to claim all the toys that are "his". She is so sweet and just lets him go. Well unless it involves her Granna then she lets him know that she doesn't have to share everything!

Such a pretty baby

 Playing peekaboo with my curtains. :)

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