Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy dance

He is home!!!!! All is well, our family is complete again because Daddy is home.


Sunday, May 26, 2013

Last days of school

This post will be mostly pictures...
 Waiting till its time for the program to start...

 May I ride that when you are done? Ha, actually its more like the one that squeals the loudest wins.;)
                                                   Kindergarten class 2012-2013
                                                                     3rd -5th grades
                                                              6th - 8th grades.
Next is school picnic. They had a lot of fun even though it was a bit rainy & WINDY!

                                         Adrienne Kennell such a pretty little girl!

 Briana & Daphnee = double trouble!

An exhausted baby on the way home!


 The weekend that I was not looking forward to is almost over... This was also the week for our week long revival meetings. No, there is not a connection between the dreading & the meetings. :)
 The family fun Miller reunion was this weekend. Something that our branch of the family always anticipated for months in advance. Now we are way over here in Gods country & the reunion is still in GA like normal. Its always on this weekend, Dale's work is back in full swing this time of the year... Are you following the picture? We knew it was impossible for our family to go, costs to much for tickets & it would take way to much time off work to drive all the way there & back.
 Several months ago Mom Miller became ill, now Dale & I started talking about the fact that maybe just he should try & go. [Mom is better but still not back to normal] We found a ticket for him to fly out of Montrose [about 15 miles from here] to Atlanta for a decent price. So he went & we stayed. :(
 The best part about it all was the feeble attempt to not let anyone now he was coming. If you know the Miller's you know that "surprising everyone" is high on the list of priorities. Well the surprise slowly leaked through the family like water in a leaky bucket. :) He is having fun anyway.
 The weekend for the children & I went surprisingly fast. We went to the park on Friday for lunch & the boys fished for a while. By the time we left Micah caught 2 & Shane caught his first fish ever! If course I FORGOT MY CAMERA!!! The girls couldn't just wade in the lake up to there knees, they ended up wet up to the waist... No, Sierra was not in on it this time, she was quite happy to be in the grass, watching geese & ducks. Friday evening Briana went to Victoria's house & Anthony came here. Oh & of course we all went  to church first. Saturday was swapping children back again & going to church again... Today was church in the morning, carry in at noon & church again tonight. Tomorrow [happy dance] Dale is supposed to fly in at noon!!!
 On to other things, you can put away your hankies now from my sob story...
 School is over & summer vacation is here! The weather has become gloriously warm [& windier then I care for]. Well the mornings & late evenings are wonderful, the wind kicks up around noon & blows my poor little annuals to pieces. Hopefully the wind will soon be done for the season!

6 weeks ago today Scamper had kittens! These little creatures have become the highlight of the month. :) I am convinced that a few of them have been prayed back to life... When they were 4 weeks old Cole & a friend of his were seeing what happens when you throw kittens up in the air... Believe me they were a sad sight when we found them. Such pitiful mewings the one had bloody looking eyes... Of course the older children were furious when they found out about it. So with much weeping Briana prayed for dear Callie [she is the one that was hurt the worst] Would you believe it that 2 days later that kitten was back to normal? Now you would never know anything happened. :) Yes, we believe in prayer!!!

Of course I always have to include pictures of Sierra! She is modeling the cute dress that Brit made for her. :)