Tuesday, February 17, 2015


February is a big birthday month in our house. 3 in one month! Lets start with the one that has been talking about turning 6 for the past 9 months. :)

Cole is becoming such a big boy. He has just transformed into a different child then what he was 2 years ago. He was so painfully shy of everyone, he hated going to the school for hot lunch & staying home was his safe haven. Now he LOVES going to kindergarten, he no longer runs away when the big boys come out. He has even learned to ride a ripstik, this is huge for my boy. He is NOT a risk taker & you know you have a pretty good chance of falling off a ripstik. 
Cole's birthday was the 4th, he chose a race track theme for his cake.:)

Next birthday Feb 12th was my baby boy!

He loved his cake. :)

Lots of help from big sister making sure no icing went to waste

Mom! I don't like all this sticky stuff on my hands!

A spoon is a much better way to destroy & eat cake.


Let me lick this plate clean
Its blurry but the moment was cute. Inez was holding Avi & Reagan was not about to be left out!

Presents. Again lots of helpers. :)

 He is so nearly walking. He will stand next to a toy box, toys in each hand:)

The last birthday of the month is my own so no pics of that one. ;)

This picture is for all you easterners that are buried in snow or ice today. Here in Colorado we have glorious sunshine! In reality we need that snow you are having. We haven't had nearly enough of it this winter, which will make it hard on the farmers this summer when they need water.