Thursday, April 11, 2013

It would appear that I need to update my blog! Wow, have I really not updated since January?
We are still alive & well. :) It looks like winter is about wrapped up & we are moving on to spring. I am ready for that change in season. To see flowers in bloom again, green grass [well if I don't have my own grass to look at at least I can look at other people's grass], warm days, leaves on trees, local produce... The list goes on & on.
 Lets rewind back to February. Cole had his 4th birthday, he was quite pleased to arrive at such a big age.

Other happenings of great excitement were the school Field trip to Powder Horn for a day of fun!

Dale went with the children, so I have pictures but not first hand experience of the event. :) It sounded like a fun day!
 I was trying to get a picture of all 6 of the children lined up according to age, as you can see Sierra was not about to participate!
 Not even for a picture with just the girls...
Big sister has her firmly clamped to her side & Sierra is letting her feelings be made known!

In late January Dale & I went over to Westcliffe for the funeral of our friends Erv Miller's little girl. I was really glad we went the occasion was heart wrenching, so many thoughts went through my head as I watched them bury there precious little girl... How do you say good bye for the last time on earth?... How do you pick yourself up & go on? All I wanted was to go home a hold my precious children & make sure they know how very much I love them!
Wectcliffe is a beautiful part of God's creation.

The houses look so small compared to the majestic mountains rising above them.

 Sierra dearly loves her big brother Micah... It is so interesting to watch them interact together. He is so good with her...
 Little face squashed in there watching angry birds.
 Yummy! Muffins are good things. :)
 My girls in there matching dresses, & when they match Ashlyn also thinks she should wear a veil like Briana does. :)

 Licking a spoon while sitting on the counter. This is where she often sits if I am working in the kitchen & she loves to taste everything. :)
 Monday morning I tackled the girl's room. Sierra had been sleeping in our room since she was born. I was waiting to move her to the girl's room till she sleeps through the night. Its doesn't look like that is going to happen anytime soon, so I decided to just go ahead & move her now. I had to move everything around in their room to free up some wall space for her crib. This is how things are situated now, I don't have a picture of her crib. Its along the back wall that you can't see in the pics.
 She is sleeping just as well over there as she did in our room. ;) Wakes up 2-3 times a night... I am so glad to have more space in our room! We had about 18 inches between her bed & our foot board. & that is the path to walk through to get to the bathroom.
Sierra always wants a bite of whatever someone is snacking on. Love Cole's mouth here...
Ashlyn is quite the competent young lady. She smells a dirty diaper & she gets out the wipes & clean diaper to remedy the situation... Poor Sierra was bent in a pretzel shape at one point during this diapering process. Ashlyn had told me before that she can do this, but this was the first time I saw her do it. Briana won't attempt it, she says Sierra is much to wiggly. Well Ashlyn just uses her authoritative voice & soon has her bent into submission.

This little man consumes an amazing amount of food for his size! He can eat two pieces of toast [homemade bread] & still needs a bowl of cereal to finish things off.
 He could live quite happily if there were no vegetables in the house. The boy that used to eat 2-3 helpings of green beans now can barely force down 4 beans! The only kind of potato he tolerates are mashed. What does he like? Eggs, spaghetti, cheese, bread,meat, taco soup, pepperoni pizza, and a few other things. No, we don't cater to him, he still has to eat whatever is made for supper. I have had picky eaters before [Micah was horrible] & they outgrow it.
 Nothing like a game of Angy birds to get them all on one chair!
That about wraps it up for now...