Sunday, March 25, 2012


I love this picture, it speaks to me in so many ways.
 On the surface I see summer, warmth, happiness...
 When I look deeper I see the challenge she was facing. Run for that base, run it out! Never mind that it wasn't a "real" game. It was a close to playing softball as she was going to get & she was soaking up every minute of it.

 I am reminded to run the race that is set before me... I want to run my race with the same joyful anticipation as I see in my daughter's eyes.

Flu, Colds, & Taxes

Ha, I bet that title got your attention! 3 things that I don't enjoy but I can't avoid.;)

 Why do sweet little 6 month old babies have to get cold/flu viruses? Sierra went from a happy contented baby to a fussy,restless baby overnight.:( Most of last week was spent rocking her, & nights were dreaded! Dale & I finally started taking turns sitting up with her. She would wake up as soon as we put her to bed, & trying to get her to sleep in our bed was no better... Her nose was plugged & she had a slight fever, other then that only Sierra knows what was wrong. Last night was the first night all week that she actually let me sleep till 7:30am & she was happy when she woke up.:)

Micah taking a turn holding her while she slept.

Sierra 6 months old & sitting by herself!

This is another thing she absolutely did not tolerate when she was sick! She normally lets Ashlyn do about anything for her, but much to Ashlyn's dismay she would cry every time Ashlyn held her. I told Ashlyn she must have very strong muscles cause there is no way I could lug around someone that weighs better then half as much as I do!!!

I think she is was having trouble being "heard" through the microphone & decided to get really close to it.:) Maybe this is the future cashier at "Rocky Mountain Pantry"...

Cole likes to wear Shane's shoes... well this time he ended up tripping over Shane's bike while wearing the big shoes & got a scraped chin & banged up lip!

Oh and my last subject... The tax papers are almost ready to be filed & I am so glad to have that over with for another year! Hey, its not even April yet.:)