Thursday, August 25, 2011

A tribute to Ashlyn...

This dear little baby was placed in my arms 4.75 years ago.

Such a tiny little thing

At this age we never dreamed she would become the "tom boy" she is now...

The beginning stages of who she is now.:) At this point Shane helped her with her dress up clothes...

So we go from wearing big brothers too big clothes to wearing little brothers' too small clothes. She LOVES to dress up. Only she prefers to dress up in Shane's clothes [much to his dislike!] Shoes are definietly her thing! [Sean & Skyler's are the best .]Wow, hats are a world of fun!

Trying to act like her brothers AGAIN!
Hey she looks like a girl here.:) She does act like a girl sometimes... She will mother her baby to death!. I know she will be a great help with her little sister. She adores real babies, putting baby sisters' clothes on her dolls is great fun!
 Today was just one of those days where I wonder how to help her enjoy being a girl instead of trying to be a boy. First there was a bunch of rumbling & tumbling going on upstairs. Then Shane screams in pain as he trys to dash down the stairs. They had been wrestling upstairs [her idea] he wanted to quit [she was getting the best of him] he heads for the stairs & the female in her comes out... She throws a shoe at him & hits him on the head on his way down! Next she is asking for volunteers to receive an indian burn, Shane is the recepient & again he is howling in pain. [This happened after I instructed her again that girls do not play like this! She must stop being rough with boys!] So she sits on a chair till lunch is ready. After lunch they dash outside to work on their holes. BTW we do not have giant prairie dogs digging holes in the field... Those are made by our children. Soon Briana comes in to tell me that Miss All Star Pitcher is at it again. Now she is throwing large dirt clods at Shane & hitting him on the head again! End of hole digging for Ashlyn, nap time here we come.

Jesus, Thank You for our dear Little Ashlyn...

Saturday, August 20, 2011

A mini tour

I've been wanting to do this for awhile but the house is usually too messy to take pics.;) This being Saturday [aka cleaning day at our house] I decided this would be great day for pics.

Okay so most of you know what the outside looks like.:)

Step in the front door to the living room & the kitchen ...

More views of kitchen/living area

Laundry room & 3/4 bath

Small garage off of the living room where we will be doing school

Dale's domain... The big shop area

All 3 bedrooms are upstairs

Master bedroom

Boys' room

Little office area/ sitting area

Girls' room

Disclaimer the house does not stay cleaned up all day... Pictures were taken as soon as rooms were cleaned.

There you have it our dwelling place in Colorado :)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Technical difficulties...

So AFO has been giving me fits getting on to my xanga blog for over 6 months now. First I couldn't upload pics or comment on my own blog. Well now they are refusing to let me open MY own xanga site! So I have to find somewhere else to blog my ramblings. :)
Shane had quite the fall Saturday evening! The 3 oldest were outside "watching" the local car race through Micah's binoculars. [I think all they say were the lights a little closer up.:)] Shane was standing on the back of Dale's truck & was attempting to climb down, when he somehow slipped & free fell to the ground. He hit his head on the trailer on his way down, Dale was on the trailer at the time & felt the vibration of something hitting it! Dale said there was an awful cry from Shane & when he picked him up blood was pouring over his face. He had about a 1" gash across his forehead that was gaping open about 1/4". Believe me the thing looked awful & bled a lot! Once we got the bleeding stopped we decided to try butterflying it together, we had no bandages on hand so dear sister came to the rescue.:) [Marv's went to town for us & got the needed bandages.] We were all very pleased at how well it looked after we got it all pulled together, Cole accidently bumped Shane's head Sunday & it bled again. But other then that it seems to be doing well...:)

Today was another corny day...

The children & I were on our way to Delta to get groceries when Inez called to see if we would be able to help them husk corn in about 1 1/2 hours. I have never seen my children so excited about doing CORN! ;) For some reason helping Inez with hers is so much more fun then doing our own. Actually the day was fun for all of us, the corn was very nice & with Inez's adult children helping we were done in no time. [It's been years since I have experienced doing corn with out being extremely hot!] :)