Monday, June 4, 2012

Random Ramblings

Since I didn't put pics of Briana's 10th birthday on face book I will share them on here. :)
I find it hard to believe that I [young me] has an almost 12 year old & my daughter is 10!

She hasn't had a birthday party with a bunch of girlfriends for a long time. So we decided to have one for her 10th birthday. She loves to drink hot tea, & loves all things pretty & frilly, a tea party sounded like just the thing for her birthday.:)

She got so many pretty things!

Her cake was a pinterest idea. My m&ms wouldn't stick as nicely as they were supposed too.:(

While the girls were outside playing Sierra was looking to see if there might be something in that bag for her.:)

We took a weekend trip to Colorado Springs... First stop was Focus on the Family & Whits End
 The children totally loved this place!

 Next was the Cheyenne Mt. Zoo

My favorite place was here. Garden of the Gods. The rocks are so amazing!!
The Balanced Rock

It was a fun weekend but its really good to be home again! I was weeding the garden tonight & was almost enjoying myself... I can't remember ever enjoying working in my garden since we are married. But what was to complain about, the weather was gorgeous, I could go barefoot in the dirt with no worries about fire ants!
 Other then being food for hungry mosquitoes it was a near perfect gardening evening. :) Lets hope I still feel enthused about it 2 months from now!