Monday, August 12, 2013

He did it again...

As summer is in all its splendor here in CO, I feel like I am slowly climbing out of a big gray hole. 1st trimester pregnancy always is like a miserable cloud for me. The nausea, the constant fatigue, the emotions, the heightened sense of smell... Ugh, not pleasant... I do know that the nausea/ puking side of things have not been as acute this time as I have had it in some pregnancies. So there are definitely things to be thankful about! Thursday I was thinking how glad I did not have canning to do while I was in the worst of it. I am afraid there would have been very little canning done & I would have really regretted it later!
 Back to the splendors of CO, I really wish I would have pictures of the beautiful flowers on Main St. in Delta. The are gorgeous every year and this year is no different. :) My sister has gorgeous flowers at her store & at her house too. I try... But seemingly mine never get as pretty as hers.
 I have not taken the children to the lake in ages. I miss it, but for weeks it was exhausting to even think of trying it. Now I think it would be fun again, maybe one day this week when we are not doing corn, blackberries or tomatoes.

While I have been in the depths, God has been working out amazing things again! We have been praying for more accounts for the business. We got one or two every so often but just not the amount that we needed to fill in the two very short days that the guys have.
 One Monday morning Dale got a call from one of the other lawn guys asking if Dale would be interested in buying his business? He had heard that Dale needed more accounts & he really needed to sell because of him having another job. We were floored! Wow, first not enough now it would be way more then Dale & Micah could do one their own. We were really excited about it & prayed for direction about it. Everything seemed to be working out & we signed papers yesterday. :)

 The truck, trailer, mower & all other equipment came with the business. The name on the truck is soon to be changed too this. :)

 My two men that currently run our lawn route. :)

The guy that had been running the new lawn route has agreed to finish out the mowing season for us & Dale is taking a number of accounts from that route so that the old route has a full week too. 

Micah has been a huge help to Dale this summer, he started out going along 2 days a week & in July started going everyday. It has been a great experience for him & Dale was pleased with how it helps to have him along. So far Shane shows no interest in learning about lawn care, but I am sure he will get his turn in time! Briana would love to help out... Well she doesn't want to mow or trim, but that salary that Micah has earned looks great! :) 

So that's the latest scoop on our lives. Hope y'all have a blessed week!