Friday, April 20, 2012


[Dale would croak if he knew I put this pic on here...]

When lawn care came to an end last fall we thought we knew how our schedule would be come spring. My nephew would be helping with the lawn route, the man that had been helping was too expensive for us to keep long term...

If we would have known then what we know now... All we would have done is worry!

First of all my nephew was able to get a full time job with a new business starting up in the area & we were happy to see him get that job. We weren't really worried about who would help Dale now, because surely some young guy will want a summer job... What did give us cause for concern was when we learned that the former employee was starting his own route & had contacted some of the Sunset customers asking if they want to use him... [There is much more to be said about that one] Then we were really getting concerned, we did through around the possibility that Dale would maybe be able to just do the route himself & not have to hire a helper, but we still thought it was too much work for one person. Then in March another of his GOOD customers notifies him that they had taken some bids & have decided to go with someone else. [This was 4 lawns...] Gulp! Okay by now Dale was serious about doing it on his own & the more he thought about it the better he liked it.:) 

As of today he is working by himself, things are going farely well. He has picked up enough new clients that we will be doing fine without the ones that were lost.

My point is... Plans... Sometimes God has a better plan for us but it takes some hard times to see it!

My plans for today were to go to a wedding. I love weddings, you guessed it! I had to change my plans, my children were way to sick to be hauled off to wedding & this virus is so contagious I would have gotten a lot of other people sick if I would have kept my plans. My daughter went instead & told me all about the wedding. It was almost as fun listening to her glow about the wedding as it would have been to be there... Almost  not quite... Ashlyn was totally beat out about missing it when she heard about the candy table! Tonight while I was bathing Sierra she told me she thinks she will just run away to that place & get some of that candy for her & me.:) BTW Briana did remember her siblings & brought a piece for everyone.

There will be more weddings to be enjoyed. This sickness will leave us soon...

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Its such a beautiful time of the year. I like to think of God gently waking up all the sleeping trees, flowers & grasses.:) He gently waters them, nudging them out of their restful state. As they awake they lift their sleepy heads slowly feeling the valley with green color again. Of course there are still the cold winds of winter that aren't quite finished having there say of things. Last night they again blasted the mountains with snow & even had a few flurries here in the valley. But I know that the cold days are numbered & summer is on the way.:)
 Summer brings more happiness, In fact this week a wedding was announced for this summer.:) So happy for Brit & Clint! Almost as much fun as having a younger sister getting married. In many ways Brit was that baby sister I always dreamed of having. She was born when I was 12 & they lived just 1/4 mile down the road from us. She added so much joy & fun to my life. Now I am looking forward to having her join me on the side of wedded bliss.;)

 This week has been a bit stressful... Miss Sierra got sick again.:( Wednesday morning I heard she was starting to cough again & by that night she was terrible croupy. :( :( Of course a sick baby means very little sleep for baby & mom. I was really worried about her getting something nasty like rsv or bronchitis so I took her in to the Dr the next morning. He prescribed a shot to open up her airways but said her lungs were clear. She was much better that night, but like he predicted the mucus is now flowing & of course she hates that! So we are back to getting up way too often during the night to try & get her comfortable.  Today Ashlyn started complaining of a headache & has that "sick look" in her eyes. I have a feeling the cycle of sickness is just beginning in this house!

Our neighbor lady sold her house & told the girls she has some dolls for them... The big girls each got 2 beautiful dolls & she even had 2 little dolls for Sierra.:) Sierra thought she should taste hers first!

Easter dresses...

We had a little "coupe" for the children when we lived in SC, but after much heavy use it was falling apart & we decided it wasn't worth space to make the move west. Last week I spotted a new one at the Mercantile.:) Needless to say the youngest 3 LOVE their new little car!

Shane has wanted to help make cookies for a long time, Yesterday was his day.:) He did a very good job at it too!

Look at those nice rows!

Sun must have been pretty bright in the kitchen.:)
Sierra was fussy again... But seemed to enjoy learning the art of dressing a doll.:)

Micah & Kyle...

Kyle will soon be moving to VA. So having him here for the past few days was a real treat for Micah! Those 2 spent hours perfecting their fort... AKA the place to get away from Micah's siblings.;)

Other changes that are happening is... Yard work is back in the swing of things for Dale! Sure is different to have him working every day again. He was more then ready to get back at it!:)
 I am looking forward to having our own yard put in sometime this spring. I can't wait to be able to see GRASS in the front of the house instead of just tan dirt!