Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Birthdays, Rainbows & Showers...

Drum roll please... Micah has turned 12! Shocking isn't it? I mean really how can such a young looking couple like Dale & I have a 12 year old child? :)

It has been a very dry summer here in the valley. Last week we got a wonderful afternoon rain that ended with a gorgeous double rainbow!

Dale is talking with his mom & Sierra is putting in her 2 cents worth.:)

Look at the mess that can be made :)

Such a cute little mismatched girl. Briana has this thing with stripes... Any kind go together in her mind.:)

Now on to the shower. I am sadly lacking in good pictures of this event. I am sure Inez will have a good supply of them once she posts them. Till then... This was the shower for Brit.

The food table
The ladies did a really good job at decorating! Anita & I were delighted to just "slave" away in the kitchen.:)

Mocha punch made by sweet Twyla

Why do florescent lights always have to act like this. You know the quivery flickering light that drives you nuts? Judy tried to fix it but it needs more then a new bulb.

The gifts

Sniff, sniff that my gorgeous niece. Still can't believe she is old enough to be getting married! Why it seems like just yesterday she was raiding my purse for "lip chaps". Now my children are raiding hers.:)

Some of the guests

Now its the week before the wedding week... I am so excited to think that in one week my family will be coming! The children talk about it daily.:) They have so many plans for Garrett & Emily. Oh & Cole thinks he should go along with Daddy to pick them up at the airport because Logan is his age.:) :) Who do you think he heard talking??