Friday, February 12, 2016


I am way overdue to post birthday pics! First we have Sierra turning 4 in September...

Ashlyn turned 9 in November. She wanted a guitar for her birthday. :)

No traditional birthday cake for her! She wanted turtle cake with lots of cool whip.

Shane turned 11 the end of November

We have had several nice snows this winter. Reagan loves to ride on the sleds!

Teaching him young to help clean. :)

Why get on a chair the normal way when you can climb up the side??

He also has a unique way to eat his bread. :)

The past three weeks Dale was working at a egg barn.  One morning we stopped in and Sierra was absolutely fascinated with it all!

 Reagan had more fun playing on the toys then watching.

Feb 4 Cole turned 7!

Such cute little photo bombers back there!

 Today Reagan turns 2. Cake pictures coming later. :)

A few of the things Dale made for me this winter out of pallet wood.

I have fun finding ideas on pinterest and telling him I am sure he can make it.