Sunday, January 15, 2012

Winter update

Hi! Look how big I am getting!!!

Cole did this to me... First it was my hat then he put it on my face!

Watching out for my big brother is tiring!

Christmas! Don't I look thrilled?

At Grandpa Troyer's house...

Okay enough about Miss Sierra now on to the rest of the family.

The week before Christmas an awful virus visited our family...Ashlyn & Cole got it the same night & she had very little rest that night.:( I was downstairs on one couch she was on the other & Dale had Cole upstairs in bed with him... Needless to say we all felt pretty foggy that morning!
Ashlyn was still feeling weak, but wanted to open her presents.:)

Polly's were a great past time while traveling!

New shirts.:)

Briana wanted a new dress for her Josefina... I made one instead of buying it. She was so surprised.:)

Cole likes anything with a trailer & a little man.:)

The morning of the 22nd we started our journey to PA. There was snow forecasted for the next day & we wanted to leave before the mountains got blasted with snow! About midnight Shane came in our room & said he didn't make it to the bathroom & had puked on the carpet.:( Ugh, please don't tell me he is going to be puking while we are traveling... He slept okay the rest of the night, but puked again when we got him up in the morning. We went ahead & left anyway, I texted a bunch of friends to please pray for him. He didn't eat most of the day, but he did not puke again.:) By the time we stopped somewhere in Iowa for the night Dale was not feeling well.:( I was so scared he was going to be dreadfully sick by morning! He still felt ill the next day but was able to do most of the driving. Who would have thought at that point that we were going to expose the rest of the family to it! By the time we got to PA Friday evening our family was feeling better. Well Sunday morning Mom was sick, by noon Garrett was sick, 5 hours later Emily had it. Monday Brit felt sick, Tuesday was a doozy! Waneta, Nate, Marv, Sean & Sky all got it. What a wonderful reunion...


At Grandpa's. People & presents all over!

Logan! He is such a cute little boy.:)
We left PA on Friday & went out to Glen's[Dale's sister Esther] in Middlebury IN.[That took about 6 hours off of our driving time to get to CO.;)] We stayed with them till Sunday morning. While we were there we took the children shopping in Shipshewana, they loved the carousel at the mercantile [I was really upset that I forgot to take my camera along that day!]. And we went to visit old friends from SC... That evening "New Years Eve" more of Dale's family came over & we had a wonderful time with all of them!

This was at Glen's, the pop toy is his horse.:)

A gift from my man... :)

Briana longed to do a gingerbread house when they came out before Christmas. Her stingy mom told her just wait they will clearance them after Christmas then I will get you one.:)

So long!