Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sierra Eden

Sierra Eden Miller
7 lbs 4 ozs  20 inches
September 7,2011

We are so glad she is here!

She passed inspection with flying colors.:) I wish I would have a picture of the adoring look on Ashlyn's face when she first saw Sierra.
Ashlyn will hold her or just lay beside her for the longest time, soaking in the wonder of a baby.

I love listening to Shane sing softly to her...

Doesn't matter how old these 2 are the always love holding a new sibling!

Sierra chose her own birthday.:) I had a Dr. appointment Tuesday the 6th & was certain my Dr. would take pity on me & send me over to the hospital for an induction. No, she certainly was not ready to do that.:(  After careful consideration she scheduled me for induction on Monday the 12th & I was to go into the hospital for a non-stress test on Wednesday the 7th. I left the office in tears, she did strip my membranes again.[The previous week she had done the same thing & I got some contractions from it but of course the stopped] I felt so hopeless... I went to the store to pick up the children & hung out with them for awhile till I got my emotions back under control & felt like I could cope again. We came home & after putting the children down for naps I started therapy for myself.[Making pie :)] Half way into my mess I wished I had not started because I was really starting to feel rotten. But I kept on & the contractions like normal slowed down... It wasn't till 10:30 -11:30 that night that they started up again on regular intervals. When I went to bed I counted them for while then dozed a bit. I woke again at 1:15 & timed them for an hour, they were coming every 5-10 minutes. I was so afraid they would stop again, but I finally made myself get up & walk around a bit to test them. These were for REAL! I woke up Dale & we were off to the hospital around 2:30-2:45. Around 8:00 my Dr. came in & broke my water, then the pain got real intense! Its then that I feel like my body can not bear one more contraction & I call on my Father to help me through. He is so faithful!!! He gave me the strength to bear it & after 42 minutes Sierra was born! She was so beautiful, worth every miserable day & every bit of pain.:)

Sierra is doing very well, so far we have a sleepy content little baby. Of course there is no lack of willing people to hold her! :)

Life as we know it

First of all a few pictures of our church camping trip...

Boating was #1 on Cole's favorites about that weekend.:)

Back home again...

Love all the helpers... Telling Daddy how far to back up.:)

Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day...

You would think that with a name like "Labor Day" this would be a perfect day for my body to get its self in gear! As of 3:00pm it still has not caught on to that fact.:( I am seriously wondering if it knows how... If my Dr. still won't consider induction tomorrow, will I just stay pregnant forever? Okay I can hear it already... No woman has ever been pregnant forever, or I was 3 weeks late with one of mine... I realize all of that, but I am finding NO COMFORT in knowing that. :(
 My oldest 2 are down right funny. Briana watches me like a watched pot [and you know that they say a watched pot never boils] I think that must be the problem! Micah speaks confidently every night that THIS will be the night that Baby Dear arrives. This morning he told me he looked out his bedroom window & could not see the suburban, so with high hopes he raced down stairs out the shop, all to discover the suburban was here after all.;) He said he hit the wall in disappointment. Ha, how does he think Mom feels when she wakes up every morning to discover that another day is here & no she was not woke up with intense labor pains.
 Oh I have contractions! I had them for 9 hours straight one night, coming every 10 minutes too. But they didn't get harder & stronger & eventually petered off to nothingness.
 I was seriously planning on trying castor oil this morning but after reading all the dangers of doing that I could not make myself possibly harm my dear baby. So I opted to wait till tomorrow & see what my Dr. says after I plead with her for an induction. ;)
 Did someone say just wait it out???? Oh help, I'd much rather go through a pitocin induced labor then continue this agonizing waiting game.
 Well if I can't have a baby on labor day, I'll go with my family to a picnic/ballgame & enjoy pity from other Mom's. ;)
 Hopefully the next post will have some happy news & pics of our new little Miller.:)