Saturday, November 2, 2013

It's November! That means it is getting close to Christmas. :) Okay, yes I hear you sighing. I know that first comes Thanksgiving, but I do love the stores at this time of the year. This year they seem extra fun... Maybe that's because I feel good & feeling good is a lot more special after having drug myself through a lot of the summer.
 Tomorrow is Ashlyn's birthday. She is so excited about turning 7! Its hard to keep up with how fast our children are growing up. When I asked her what she wants for her birthday, I was shocked to hear her say clothes for my doll! She has a american girl spin off... You know the kind you get at Target for a fraction of the cost of the real deal? Briana has lots of clothes for her doll but likes sharing them with little sister about as well as most big sister's do. :( I was fully expecting Ashlyn to tell me she wants something sports related, or maybe her own bb gun! I felt a breath of hope that maybe my little tom boy will grow out of it.

That dress, vest & shoes are some of her favorite clothes right now. :)

When did I blink & Briana became so grown up????
Shouldn't she still be this size?

Nope this is my baby girl! 
Sierra talks more & more. Some times its a whole row of jabber other times she comes up with cute one word answers that make me laugh. Like this... Who likes nippy's? She raises her hand and says ME! She has gone from belly sliding down the stairs to walking up & down the stairs. Please don't show her a fly or bug in the house! She is terrified of anything like that. She runs for the couch & quivers in fear till it leaves or I kill it!

These handsome dudes are our sons. :) The dirt bike has provided Micah with hours of enjoyment. 
Shane can ride it too, but its mainly Micah that fires the thing up & goes riding around in the adobe dirt.

Since baby dear isn't here yet to be in the photo shoot I got some bitty baby shoes to add to the line up. :)

On to our life in general...
Can you believe that on November 21 it will be 15 years since we said I do???

Wow, how life has changed since 1998! No, I am not talking about how we have aged. Lets not even go there! Of course my man just gets more handsome as the years go by. :)
Here we were in PA. Never dreaming that 15 years later we would be the parents of 7 children & living in the gorgeous state of CO!
We went to Hawaii for our honeymoon Dale always said we need to go back sometime. Back then 15 years looked way off in the future so we thought maybe we could go then. 
Not happening! But we are going off on a weekend trip to Mountain Village CO. Its a gorgeous place to visit & we haven't done anything special for our anniversary for years. Do not ever get married close to a family holiday... Like Thanksgiving or Christmas. Yes, we have spent many anniversaries eating turkey with family!

Its really getting late. I will regret staying up this late when I hear the children waking up at 7:00 tomorrow morning. Last Saturday it was only 6:30 when a light got turned on in the upstairs living room, which of course shined into our bedroom & woke me up. Shane must have thought that was a good chance to get in some quiet book reading time to himself!