Thursday, August 3, 2017

Going Home...

Home... Just the word brings warm fuzzy feelings to my heart. Home to me currently is our house in CO, thoughts of this place naturally involve lots of noise and little people. :)
 But when I talk about home in my childhood my heart goes to a place far away... Some of my fondest memories of my youth involve my years as a teen.
 In July Dale and I made a quick trip to PA for my parents 50th anniversary. Sunday morning of course meant going back to the church of my youth... I always look forward to going back, just seeing the building brings floods of memories. My memories are probably different then the ones of my friends that still live there. After we married we moved, so I have no memories of living there as a married lady. Our youth group spent lots of time at this place... In my opinion we had the best youth group ever. We were the movers and shakers of the mid-late 90's. ;) We were the ones that earned the money for the volleyball court that is still out there. See that pretty landscape around the church? Yup, that was started by our youth group. Our youth sponsors at( the time ) decided the grounds needed fixing up and the youth could do the work.:)
 We would gather at the church every Friday and Sunday night. During the summer it was always volleyball during the winter we played group games.
 Sometimes I think it would be so fun to just peek back in time once and experience the 90's again.

 They still do a beautiful job of keeping the landscape nice!

These two are always who I think of when I think of going home

We throughly enjoyed our weekend with them. Grady got to meet his grandparents for the first time. He even let them hold him a little bit! If you don't know Grady this may not seem like much. But the only people he seems to need in life are Mama and maybe Briana. ;)

 My sisters were there too. Somehow the bond of sisters is just never broken. :) We always have a grand time together!

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